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I know it's not Valentine's Day (or anywhere near it), but I couldn't think of any other title for this post.  I would love to own this skirt from Diesel Black Gold.  It's the perfect combination - quilted black leather with chain detail in the form of a miniskirt.  I've been thinking about many outfit options, but my favorite is the simplest:  a white or black deep V t-shirt, a dark wash jean jacket, black tights, and a chunky heel.

I'll be making some new purchases soon and will be sure to share them with you so check back!

And follow me please :)  I appreciate it and all your comments!



all images via studded hearts

Not only is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley my favorite Angel (Gisele is runner-up), but she also has the best style.  I would love to be wearing everyone of these outfits, especially images 1-2, and 4.  The pairing of slim jeans, ankle boots, loose tee's and leather jackets are perfection.  It's an edgy look that still screams sexy.  Her outfits are inspiring me to keep dark colors in my spring wardrobe.

What will you be wearing this season?



I've wanted these ankle boots for awhile, but I simply cannot afford them right now.  They are the perfect basic ankle boot:  Black with an exposed zipper, a small heel so I can wear them everyday, and the perfect length, so they stop right above my ankle.  

boots - Pistol Short Ankle Boots by Acne

I stopped at H&M this weekend and found the below.  I love them!  They may not be the beloved Acne boot, but I think they are a pretty good alternative.  They're slip on and easy to walk in, look chic with skirts and pants, and only cost me $35!  
What do you think?  Are they a good alternative?



t-shirt - LNA, jacket - Zara

I recently got a new camera and unfortunately, I have NO idea how to use it.  I want to start posting outfit photos (which I sort-of attempted tonight).  You can't see much, but that's my new leather jacket from Zara - I love it!

p.s.  If anyone knows of helpful ways to learn a Nixon D60, please leave a comment!  Thanks :)



all images via asos

I'm usually not much of a jeans person, but when I find a great pair, I tend to live in them.  I've invested in many designer pieces of denim, but I'm currently looking for a few new, great fitting, simple jeans.  I came across the brand Cheap Monday on asos.com and am pretty convinced I am going to give them a try.  They offer great washes with what appears to be a great fit.  Has anyone tried this brand?

Check out the selection of Cheap Monday on asos; wouldn't mind owning this as well!

Thanks for reading! xo.



dress - acne, jacket - topshop, shoes - asos, clutch - asos, nailpolish - sand tropez by essie, ring - stantonjames, earrings - asos

Figured I would give blogging a try.  I originally wanted to post a spring inspiration board but got carried away with this dream outfit.  Hope you enjoy!